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Forgotten Edo Period Japanese Sake Cups

Forgotten Edo Period Japanese Sake Cups

Japanese Sake Cups While most of us are familiar with drinking sake from small glass or porcelain cups, few are aware that sake can be enjoyed in a variety of vessels ranging from traditional to modern. Typically, sake is consumed from a variety of glasses vessels made of a variety of materials including earthenware, porcelain, wood...

Ramen Bowl Types

Top Slurp Worthy Ramen Bowl Types

Ramen, a dish that originated in China has best been adapted by the Japanese to become an inherent part of their national cuisine. Beyond Japan, ramen tops the list of comfort food for people across the globe and just the idea of slurping ramen warms the soul. The world of ramen is not limited to a single variety, ramen is made in m...

Zaru Soba Noodles

Whats the Difference: Zaru Soba, Mori Soba & Seiro Soba Noodles?

When it comes to traditional soba noodles there are three types that are most common in Japan, Zaru Soba, Mori Soba and Seiro Soba though many can you tell them apart. Allow us to explain the difference. “Zaru Soba (ざるそば)”, “Mori Soba (もりそば)”, and “Seiro Soba (せいろそば)”. Seiro Soba Compared To Zaru Soba Noodles Indeed, both Zaru Soba ...

Edo Period Tea Ceremonies, Kaiseki Ryori Cuisine &Amp; Bento Boxes

Edo Period Tea Ceremonies, Kaiseki Ryori Cuisine & Bento Boxes

Edo Period Tea Ceremonies: Japan has a long history of preserving its traditions and heritage, and the Edo period (1603–1867) is regarded as the golden era of Japanese cuisine. For the first time in hundreds of years the country was under political stability, internal peace was maintained, and economic growth thrived under shogunate...

Tsukune Recipe, Japanese Meatbalsl

Irresistible Tsukune Recipe, Traditional Japanese Meatball

This Tsukune recipe (Japanese meatballs) is typically made with ground chicken or pork. They’re grilled with a sweet, sticky, tangy sauce that makes them totally irresistible. Packed with flavour and incredibly moist and tender, you will love serving these in a traditional lunch box for a weeknight dinner or a party appetiser. The m...

In March 1972, Selling Ekiben At The Platform Of Otoineppu Station

Ekiben History Unraveled, Japanese Train Bento 1872-2021

Learn about the Ekiben History (train station bento). Takeaway meal sold at train stations and in trains across Japan that gives you a chance to taste the local cuisine without leaving the station. Ekiben (駅弁当) is an abbreviation of ‘Eki-bento’ or ‘Eki-uri-bento’ and is made up of two Japanese words, namely ‘eki’ which means train s...

Shokado Bento Boxes

Edo period Shokado Bento Boxes, Elegant & Inspiring History

Shokado bento boxes have an have an age-old tradition in Japanese cuisine. Simple yet elegant lacquered lunch boxes, used for serving a variety of refined small dishes in one meal. Divided into four uniform sections like the Chinese character "field" 田. Shokado bento box ingredients are carefully prepared and beautifully presented i...

Shidashi Bento Box (Effortless Japanese Catered Bento)

Shidashi Bento Box (Effortless Japanese Catered Bento)

Shidashi Bento Box – Japanese Catered Bento (仕出し弁当) – Shidashi is a term used to describe bento served by professional caterers. These box meals are ordered for important guests or special occasions. Shidashi bento is filled with a colourful array of arranged side dishes including rice, tempura, pickled vegetables and protein. ...

Izumi Bento Boxes In Canberra

4 Restaurants That Serve Traditional Bento Boxes in Canberra

Finding a good restaurant that serves Bento Boxes in Canberra isn't that hard. Canberra has a variety of superb Japanese restaurants that serve a wide range of bento meals. If you're looking for a delicious serving of Japanese bento, here are a few favourites to try. Izumi Bento Canberra Iori Japanese Restaurant Bento Tei Braddon Og...

Healthy Bento Lunch Boxes

Bento Lunch Boxes & Diet, What Wikipedia Doesn’t Tell You About Them

Bento Lunch Boxes & Diet - Many of us struggle to contain a healthy diet, especially during Covid restrictions those extra kilograms keep piling on and there seems to be no end to it. Countless diets are considered but very few help us to reach our weight loss goals. Most diets are based on making huge sacrifices and lifestyle c...

What Is Bento

What is Bento Uncovered, Definition, History, Origin & Benefits

The concept of bento has been around since the 12th century but what is bento, what does bento mean, what are bento boxes used for and where did they originate? The English word "bento" is derived from the Japanese word bentou or "ben(t)ō" お弁当 which refers to a Japanese boxed lunch. While bento is the packed lunch the term Bentō-bak...

Bento Boxes For Adults

Bento Boxes for Adults, Simple Yet Elegant Grown-Up Bento

Japanese bento boxes for Adults is an inherent part of Japanese culture, however; it has become an integral part of the global culture too in today’s times. It's easy to go overboard at lunch and bento is perfect for portion control any meal. Their capacity and compartmentalised design allow you to fit varied food items without any...

Eat Japan, Lonely Planet Food

Eat Japan, Lonely Planet Food

Eat Japan, Lonely Planet Food is the ultimate guide to Japanese dining and food culture. This book will teach you exactly what not to do to avoid appearing like an uneducated tourist, whether it's rubbing your chopsticks together, presenting money to a sushi chef, or removing your shoes with your foot straight on the floor. The Lone...

Japanese Okonomiyaki Recipe

Okonomiyaki Recipe for Bento

Experience the delicious delicacies of Japan with this customisable Okonomiyaki recipe. The Japanese savoury pancake is easy to make at home, full of authentic flavours and textures, sure to be a family favourite. Okonomiyaki お好み焼き translates to ‘grilled as you like it. It's iconic street food in Osaka, Japan that was adopted during...

Japanese Lunch Box

How to Prepare a Japanese Lunch Box

Japanese lunch boxes have become a popular substitute for a bagged lunch for the office and school or prepare elaborate meals for the family. The idea of packing bento may seem a little overwhelming at first, but with a little preparation and practice, the task becomes easier and is quite fulfilling. Packing a Japanese Bento Box is ...

Onigiri Bento Recipe

Onigiri Recipe (Japanese Rice Balls), Delicious & Easy to Make

Onigiri Recipe (Japanese Rice Balls) were originally served with Makunouchi Bento (Between-Act Bento). Patrons were served bite-sized rice balls with exotic fillings to keep them occupied between act intermissions, Today they are a healthy and delicious option for serving with bento lunch boxes. Onigiri, also known as omusubi consis...

Matcha Tea

Enter into the Distinctive World of Matcha Green Tea

If you want a refreshing zing to your morning cuppa then Matcha green tea is the right shot for you! This Japanese origin tea has wound its way into millions of homes outside Japan and is conferring all the health benefits that green tea can provide plus something more! You can either take it as your traditional morning cuppa or in a diluted...

Bento Boxes Australia

1910, Australia First Discovers Bento

The first Japanese bento boxes Australia record was in June 1910 in an article by the Perth The Daily News where a young man recollects his experience of bento while taking a train ride in Japan. Bento boxes can be categorised into three types that we use today. Homemade bento which we make for the family to take to school or work l...

Koraku Bento (Picnic Lunchbox)

Koraku Bento (Picnic Lunchbox)

Koraku Bento translated into English is Picnic Lunchbox. As the name suggests, Koraku Bento boxes are made for sharing among a group of people at picnics, day outings and sports events. In March and April, they are prepared and shared with a group of friends during the cherry blossom viewing festivals. Similar to traditional bento ...

Bamboo Bento Box

Biodegradable Bento Box Review

Biodegradable Bento Box, Use Bamboo | We are all well aware of the increasing impacts of global warming, and the go green initiative is being pushed forward. Many of us are looking at how we can reduce our impact on the environment by thinking twice when buying or using a product. One way of doing this is by purchasing products made...

Healthy Bento Boxes For Adults Made Delightful

Healthy Bento Boxes Made Delightful

Healthy bento has its origins in Japan, where making beautifully packaged healthy lunches for the family is considered a ritual. Bento lunches for adults should be simple but arranged in such an attractive manner that the process of making healthy bento turns into culinary art. In recent years the bento box concept has spread across...

Bento Box Magic

Bento Box Magic

Bento Box Magic | The sense of fun associated with bento boxes has made them highly popular worldwide. Besides the fun element, the functionality purpose is also served effectively by them. Bento boxes or Obentos as they are called in Japan are very appealing to kids and adults alike. Bento Box Magic Serves all purposes All kids who...

Impact Of Bento Culture

Bento Box Culture, The Impact

Bento Box Culture | The homemade bento has been an inherent part of Japanese culture since the yore days and continues to be so even today. Used in several settings ranging from fall leaf viewing, hanami bento at cherry blossom viewing parties, baseball games, kabuki theatre to railway sojourns the bento is cherished essentiality in Japan. ...

Oekakiben Bento

Oekakiben Bento

Oekakiben or "picture bento" is a type of bento box that is prepared by the mother for her child in a manner that the ingredients are decorated to resemble a picture or a scene. Often depicting objects such as animals, favourite pets, famous people, buildings, monuments, scenes from a favourite movie or specific items such as flower...

Which Bento Box

Which Bento Box Should I Use?

Which Bento Box Should You Use? Bento boxes help you to pack a healthy, colourful and tasty lunch and make lunchtimes at the workplace or school exciting and something to be waited for.  It is essential to ensure that you have a box that best suits your requirements. Finding a perfect fit for the box will largely depend on what you intend to...

History Of Bento Boxes

Controversial History of Bento Boxes

The history of Bento Boxes starts during the Edo period (1603-1868) were various materials were used such as a magnolia leaf, oak leaf, bamboo sheath or bamboo leaf was used to wrap lunches on the go. These were not durable and didn't last long so they started to make bento wood. The earliest know record of bento was created by inte...

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