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Equipment for Bento Meals, The Essentials

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Equipment for Bento Meals, The Essentials

Making bento meals have become extremely popular for entertaining guests and the family, they are also widely used for preparing a nutritionally balanced diet for lunches at the workplace, school lunches or even prepared for events, picnics and outings.

The secret to making a delicious bento meal has the right bento equipment; this will make the process of making your meal much easier, and of course, a little skill, patience and choosing the right ingredients packed elaborately will help.

Following is a list of essential equipment that will facilitate the packing of your bento box and don’t forget to follow the Top 4 Bento Lunch Box Food Groups guide.

Equipment For Bento Meals
Equipment For Bento Meals

Basic Cooking Gear

Pans: Non-stick pans in small and large-sized diameters come in handy for sauteing, quick frying, steaming tasks, boiling and more. Also, a couple of small to medium-sized saucepans will help a great deal in cooking the food items.

Electric Water Kettle: You can save a great deal of time by heating water to be used in an electric water kettle. Otherwise, time is spent letting a pot of water come to the boil.

Cast iron grill pan: This helps cook a piece of meat, fish, tofu or even some veggies. You can opt for pans that are enamel coated externally and plain on the inside.

Salad spinner: It’s one of the best pieces of equipment that ensure your salad veggies are washed and cleaned thoroughly.

Rice cooker with a timer: The convenience of a rice cooker with timer offers the ‘set it and overlook it’ option. Most rice cookers can cook varied rice and other grains, and some prepare bread and soups.

Pressure cooker: If you love to have pulses and whole grains as a part of your daily diet then a pressure cooker is a must needed item for you. Dried beans really get cooked in a matter of few minutes and taste better from a pressure cooker.

Cutting / Chopping Tools

Vegetable peeler, small and long length sharp knives, vegetable slicer, Microplane grater and a food processor are some of the cutting tools that are essential to ensure that your cutting process is completed as fast as possible.

Larger Appliances

Some of the larger appliances such as a toaster oven and a microwave oven are also essential. Toaster oven enables the food to be cooked in a jiffy as compared to the traditional oven.

Preperation Accessories

Many other preparation accessories help prepare available colourful animal, and alphabet food picks, chopsticks, vegetable cutter shapes, silicone baking cups, and sushi rice moulds are interesting. Varied bento box accessories certainly add zest and interest to the bento lunch.

Miscellaneous Equipment for Bento

Other items such as plates and bowls for laying food items and microwave-safe plastic wrap fall under this group.

On a Concluding Note

Preparing a Japanese Lunch Box is rewarding and best of all are a healthy and interesting option for the school, home and office. Having all the essential Equipment for Bento ensures that your bento preparation does not get too overwhelming. The only thing left to decide is which bento box should you use.

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