Bento Basics

Bento Box Basics & More

Japanese lunch boxes have become a popular substitute for preparing elaborate meals at home. Here we touch on bento box basics including how to prepare Japanese bento lunch boxes, Kyaraben bento and making bento box beginner’s guides, essential equipment for making bento meals and materials used in the making of bento boxes.

Japanese Lunch Box

How to Prepare a Japanese Lunch Box

Japanese Lunch Boxes have become a popular substitute for a bagged lunch for the office and school or prepare elaborate meals for the family. The idea of packing bento may seem a little overwhelming at first, but with a little preparation and practice, the task becomes easier and is quite fulfilling. Packing a Japanese Lunch Box is ...

What Is A Bento Box

What is a bento box?

A bento box is a Japanese style portable lunchbox container used to serve various single meals. Traditionally they consisted of a serving of white steamed rice accompanied by a serving of protein, fish or meat, cooked vegetables, and topped with a pickled plum. Today with the globalisation of cultures, bento boxes have found their w...

Bento Lunch Box Food Groups

Top 4 Bento Lunch Box Food Groups

There are many advantages to preparing bento lunch box meals as a part of your daily life. You get to eat a balanced diet, save money if choosing the right foods possibly lose a few kilograms and most importantly develop healthy eating habits. Bento lunch boxes are perfect for getting your family to eat a balanced diet though it all...