History About Bento Boxes

Bento boxes have a steep history in Japan dating back to the Edo period. Today they are one of the most common forms of packaging used for frozen TV dinners, takeaway, school lunch boxes and for serving deliciously cooked Japanese meals at home and more. Find information on bento history that includes Shokado, Jubako, Kyaraben, Hanami, Hinomaru, Ekiben, Japanese bento types & accessories and more.

Bento Boxes Australia

1910, Australia First Discovers Bento

The first Japanese bento boxes Australia record was in June 1910 in an article by the Perth The Daily News were a young man recollects his experience of bento while taking a train ride in Japan. Bento boxes can be categorised into three types that we use today. Homemade bento which we make for the family to take to school or work lu...

Influence behind the Shokado Bento Box

Shokado Bento, Simple, Elegant & Inspiring

Shokado bento box (松花堂弁当) pronounced "shookadoo" bento is a simple yet beautifully lacquered thirty centimeter square box divided into four equal compartments like the Chinese character for FIELD 田, with partitions that include extended edges and a lid to keep its contents warm. Shokado Bento named after Shojo Shokado (1582-October ...

History of Bento Boxes

Controversial History of Bento Boxes

History of Bento Boxes starts during the Edo period (1603-1868) were various materials were used such as a magnolia leaf, oak leaf, bamboo sheath or bamboo leaf was used to wrap lunches on the go. These were not durable and didn't last long so they started to make bento wood. The earliest know record of bento was created by interwea...