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Sake is a beloved Japanese beverage that has been enjoyed for centuries. At Katachiware, we’re dedicated to bringing you the best sake-related products, from traditional sake sets to modern sake glasses. In our Sake blog category, you’ll find information about the history of sake, how it’s made, and how to serve it. We’ll also share our favorite sake cocktails and food pairings, so you can enjoy this delicious drink to the fullest.

Learning Which Sake to Buy, Sake vs. Shochu

Which Sake to Buy: A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Delightful Sake and Shochu

Which Sake to Buy: A Beginner's Guide to Understanding Sake & Shochu: Sake and shochu are two of Japan's most well-known alcoholic beverages, with histories that date back centuries. While both of them have gained popularity around the world in recent years, they are still deeply rooted in Japanese culture and traditions. Despit...

Forgotten Edo Period Japanese Sake Cups

Forgotten Edo Period Japanese Sake Cups

Japanese Sake Cups While most of us are familiar with drinking sake from small glass or porcelain cups, few are aware that sake can be enjoyed in a variety of vessels ranging from traditional to modern. Typically, sake is consumed from a variety of glasses vessels made of a variety of materials including earthenware, porcelain, wood...

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