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Ramen for Beginners: Traditional & Modern Recipes New Book Review

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Ramen for Beginners: Traditional & Modern Recipes New Book Review


Create simple and delightful ramen dishes at home. Ramen for Beginners features over 75 delicious ramen dishes, ranging from the simple and uncomplicated to the more complex and inventive.

Book Title: Ramen for Beginners: Traditional and Modern Recipes Made Simple
By: Robin Donovan
Number Of Pages: 178
Published: 17th November 2020
Rating: 4.7 / 5.0

This umami-packed ramen guidebook includes step-by-step directions for novices, as well as a primer on ingredients and preparing your kitchen for ramen. Begin with one of the “building block” recipes, such as a hearty chicken bone broth, and then add multiple flavours in one slurpy bowl of comfort. Innovative dishes combine traditional and unconventional ingredients to produce modern interpretations of comfort-food classics, such as soy-marinated eggs and ramen with crunchy kale. This important beginner’s guide will teach you how to make delectable bowls of ramen noodles with your own fresh toppings whenever the whim strikes.

Ramen for Beginners Book Reviews

“I have a weakness for ramen and each recipe in this book appears to be worth trying. The first chapter of the Ramen for Beginners book addresses ingredients and suppliers which will help with those that are unfamiliar with the components in determining what to shop for. Seasonings and tare are discussed in the second chapter (seasoning sauce) with several recipes including toppings, oils, are included in the third chapter.
Chapters 4–8 discuss many ramen variations based on the protein source: chicken, pig, seafood, beef, and vegan/vegetarian. Chapter 9 is named “Ramen Remix” and contains recipes for several types of ramen, not the typical broth-based variety. For instance, “Cheesy Shoyu Ramen” and “Cold Vegan Mazeman with cucumbers and miso-sesame sauce” are both available. I wholeheartedly suggest this book to both novice and seasoned cooks.”

— Mary JB

“We haven’t tried all of the recipes yet but will eventually work our way trhough them. The style is appealing, with chapters organised around the basic categories of chicken, beef, pig, seafood, and vegetarian/vegan, as well as some additional useful recommendations. There are nine vegetarian and vegan dishes in the vegetarian and vegan area. The individual chapters are separated by a brightly coloured divider page that makes it simple to navigate. There are a few photographs throughout the book, primarily at the beginning of each chapter. As a result, you will not see images of each unique dish beautifully served. Overall, I’d say that for the price, this is a wonderful little reference that might motivate you to pick up your game or overcome your fear of attempting to create your own ramen.”

— Jane W.

“Our family adores ramen, we fell in love with it while travelling in Japan and have tried it at every restaurant in the area that has it on the menu. This book is well-written and has straightforward instructions. The nicest part about this book is that all recipes are created with both homemade and store-bought ingredients in mind, allowing you to adjust dishes to your degree of comfort and available time. As for me, I’m never going to can tomatoes, but if you do, this explains how and then shows you how to utilise them. Overall, an excellent present for anybody who like soup, Japanese or Asian-inspired cuisine, or simply loves to cook. the Ramen for Beginners book is reasonably priced and nothing too outlandish or bizarre for the typical chef. ”

— George S.

“My family and I enjoy ramen in restaurants, but I am not an expert at preparing ramen at home. If you’re a rookie like me, consider ramen carefully—there are several components. In other words, there is a purpose to order ramen from a restaurant. It’s a lot of work to do from home, especially if you’re working with 1-2 individuals. However, if you’re dedicated or seeking for a new gourmet pastime, this cookbook lives up to its billing. It will get you started with straightforward instructions. The bottom takeaway is that my ramen did not taste as wonderful as restaurant ramen, but I attribute it to my dedication, availability of ingredients, and patience, rather than the cookbook. ”

— Ali JK.

Ramen for Beginners  Includes

The Ramen for Beginners book is an excellent book for everyone who likes ramen! It’s straightforward, yet nevertheless has a plethora of fantastic recipes for making all of your favourite ramen meals at home. It’s especially useful because it includes recipes for all of the many components of ramen, such as broth, noodle bowls and toppings. Additionally, the fact that it is sorted by ramen kind makes it simple to locate ramen that matches your palate (vegetarian, seafood, etc).

About the Author

Robin is an author of cookbooks, a recipe creator, and a food blogger who is infatuated with Japanese cuisine. Sushi at Home is her first book, and Ramen Obsession is her second. Robin currently resides in Berkeley, California, where she blogs at about easy foreign recipes for food lovers. See our other reviews here: Bento For Beginners.

Book Details

By: Robin Donovan
ISBN-10: ‎ 1646112814
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1646112814
Format: Softcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 178
Published: November 24, 2020
Dimensions: 191mm x 122mm x 23mm
Weight: 790 g

Available From: Amazon

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