Bento Box Ideas

Japanese Bento Box Ideas

Japanese Bento Box Ideas originate in Japan were making a healthy packaged lunch is considered a ritual. The meal chosen may be simple, but it is arranged in such an attractive manner inconveniently designed lunch boxes that turn into culinary art. learn about The Quintessential Lunch, how Lunch Times Made Delightful and Bento Box Magic.

Bento Boxes for Adults

Bento Boxes for Adults, Simple Yet Elegant Grown-Up Bento

Japanese bento boxes for Adults is an inherent part of Japanese culture, however; it has become an integral part of the global culture too in today’s times. It's easy to go overboard at lunch and bento is perfect for portion control any meal. Their capacity and compartmentalised design allow you to fit varied food items without any...

Bento Box Magic

Bento Box Magic

Bento Box Magic | The sense of fun associated with bento boxes has made them highly popular worldwide. Besides the fun element, the functionality purpose is also served effectively by them. Bento boxes or Obentos as they are called in Japan are very appealing to kids and adults alike. Bento Box Magic Serves all purposes All kids who...

Impact of Bento Culture

Bento Box Culture, The Impact

Bento Box Culture | The homemade bento has been an inherent part of Japanese culture since the yore days and continues to be so even today. Used in several settings ranging from fall leaf viewing, hanami bento at cherry blossom viewing parties, baseball games, kabuki theatre to railway sojourns the bento is cherished essentiality in Japan. ...

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