Bento Recipes

Bento Box Recipes & Ideas

Meals served in bento are a healthy alternative for serving balanced and healthy meals at home. Find a range of traditionally made bento box recipes and ideas including Onigiri Balls, Japanese Tamagoyaki, quick & easy side dishes, Veggie Dumpling, Beef Teriyaki, Osaka Okonomiyaki and the most popular Chicken Teriyaki Bento Recipe.

Onigiri Bento Box

Onigiri Bento Box, How to Make

Onigiri Bento Box | Bento is a healthy and balanced option for serving meals at home or going for school or the workplace. Packed with distinct foods, one of the primary ingredients is rice. Several rice options are used including plain steamed rice, Onigiri rice ball shapes, fried rice, Takikomigohan or Omurice. This article...

Japanese Tamagoyaki for Bento, the Making of

Japanese Tamagoyaki for Bento | Bento boxes has become popular among kids and adults worldwide today. They are a convenient and highly appealing medium for carrying packed lunches to school, offices, picnics etc. Japanese Tamagoyaki for Bento Tamagoyaki- One of the Favorite Bento Side Dishes One of the most popular side dishes that can often be seen...