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Bento Boxes for Adults, Simple Yet Elegant Grown-Up Bento

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Bento Boxes for Adults, Simple Yet Elegant Grown-Up Bento

Japanese bento boxes for Adults is an inherent part of Japanese culture, however; it has become an integral part of the global culture too in today’s times. It’s easy to go overboard at lunch and bento is perfect for portion control any meal.

Their capacity and compartmentalised design allow you to fit varied food items without any spillover have made them an attractive proposition to those who love to have an elaborate and balanced spread during lunch or dinner. They are also great for portion control, fitting enough to satisfy your hunger.

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The bento boxes offer a creative outlet to the homemaker while packing lunches for their loved ones as she devises in numerous varieties to fit into its varied compartments. . There are bento boxes to suit the age of all users and you can choose between stainless steel, BPA-free and wood patterned ones.  A bit on the varieties available with regard to bento boxes for adults.

Types Of Bento Boxes for Adults

If you are okay with BPA free Bento and FDA approved plastic then there are several cute varieties of bento boxes that come in this material. They have single or two layers and are additionally leak-proof. The silicone capped top which they are endowed with ensures that the food does not leak out and therefore there is no tension about spillage. Being microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe are its additional attributes. The sizes enable the user to exercise portion control and the vibrant colours heighten their appeal.

There are few other bento boxes that have a minimal design and look very simple and elegant. Their top is wood patterned and comprises two containers that are bound with one another through a broad elastic band. Each layer has a venting outlet besides having a silicone seal. The plug on the top of every lid has to be unfastened so as to let the inside air out before the closure of the lid if it has to maintain a tight seal. Both the above-mentioned varieties come with a plastic spoon, a fork and a knife along with a set of chopsticks.

Different types of Bento Boxes for Adults in stainless steel and are preferred by those who do not wish to use plastic in any form. The sections or compartments range from three to five and more the number, greater the variety of food items that can be packed distinctly without them getting mixed with one another. The additional benefit is that stainless steel is much easier to clean and is odour free. But you have to check for the presence of the leak-proof feature as otherwise, you will need to pack only dry ingredient food recipes. Four-tier bento boxes are available to those who need food in larger than average quantities. Its appearance is similar to that of a thermos and this kind helps to keep the food warm in the vacuum insulated environment it offers.

Some of the bento boxes are endowed with a book of recipes. This gives many creative ideas to the user regarding the food menu that can go into the bento box. The bento box is an excellent model for making your lunch enjoyable and a much-awaited affair due to the varied food items it helps to pack within it. Read more about bento boxes and their history, Wikipedia

So, why not get your bento box and heighten the appeal of your lunchtimes!

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