Experience the unparalleled quality of our Japanese style tableware and lunch box accessories including the crimson red and black range,
bamboo, hand-made wooden along with matching dinnerware and accessories.

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Exclusive to Katachiware, Traditional Wooden & Bamboo Collection

Wooden Bento Boxes


For an authentic Japanese cuisine dining experience, view most recently added products including trays, soup bowls,
side dishes, natural wood chopsticks, placemats and an extensive range of accessories. We deliver Australia wide.

  • Extra Large Japanese Ramen Noodle Bowl Set

    0 out of 5
    $16.80 inc. GST
  • Natural Brown EcoWood Chopsticks, Spoon & Fork Set

    0 out of 5
    $8.20 inc. GST
  • Seigaiha (Blue Ocean Wave) Chopstick & Cutlery Bag

    0 out of 5
    $4.80 inc. GST

    Traditional Japanese Matcha Tea Set

    0 out of 5
    $59.00 inc. GST
  • Commercial Grade Bento Tray

    0 out of 5
    $28.00 inc. GST
  • Kikkou Japanese Wood Grain Bowl

    0 out of 5
    $5.80 inc. GST
  • Ribbed Miso Soup Bowl with Lid (Red & Black)

    0 out of 5
    $4.80 inc. GST
  • Traditional Bamboo Chopsticks & Japanese Koi Fish Print

    0 out of 5
    $3.80 inc. GST
  • Japanese Sushi Set & Server

    0 out of 5
    $28.00 inc. GST
  • Camphor Wood Bento Set & Bowl

    0 out of 5
    $48.00 inc. GST
  • Complete Miso Soup Bowl Serving Set for 2

    0 out of 5
    $21.80 inc. GST
  • Wooden Chopsticks & Spoon Rest

    0 out of 5
    $3.80 inc. GST
  • Kizoku Bento Box & Genji Motif Set

    0 out of 5
    $44.70 inc. GST
  • Wooden Spoon & Chopstick Rest Set

    0 out of 5
    $9.80 inc. GST
  • Large Serving Tray Round Edge 390mm

    0 out of 5
    $16.95 inc. GST
Bamboo Bento

Japanese Lunch Boxes

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Soup & Noodle Bowl Sale

Shikaeshiben Bento

Did You Know About Shikaeshiben Bento?

Shikaeshiben (仕返し弁) translates to the “revenge” lunch.

During the 16th century, Japanese home wives would make shikaeshiben as a way of getting back to their husbands. Meals would include fowl written insults, or the food would be over or undercooked, making it inedible.


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easy Japanese recipes, ingredients, ideas, latest products, must-try restaurants, bento history and much more.

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