Japanese Cook Book & Restaurant Reviews

Welcome to the Japanese Cook Book Reviews where we cover the most popular and highly rated cookbooks including a range of other cultural aspects of Japanese food. This blog has handy information on bento for beginners and those who crave Japanese food. We hope to give you an authentic taste of Japan and its diverse food culture through our blog and niche news articles.

Izumi Bento Boxes in Canberra

4 Restaurants That Serve Traditional Bento Boxes in Canberra

Finding a good restaurant that serves Bento Boxes in Canberra isn't that hard. Canberra has a variety of superb Japanese restaurants that serve a wide range of bento meals. If you're looking for a delicious serving of Japanese bento, here are a few favourites to try. Izumi Bento Canberra Iori Japanese Restaurant Bento Tei Braddon Og...

Eat Japan, Lonely Planet Food

Eat Japan, Lonely Planet Food

Eat Japan, Lonely Planet Food is the ultimate guide to Japanese dining and food culture. This book will teach you exactly what not to do to avoid appearing like an uneducated tourist, whether it's rubbing your chopsticks together, presenting money to a sushi chef, or removing your shoes with your foot straight on the floor. The Lone...

Bamboo Bento Box

Biodegradable Bento Box Review

Biodegradable Bento Box, Use Bamboo | We are all well aware of the increasing impacts of global warming, and the go green initiative is being pushed forward. Many of us are looking at how we can reduce our impact on the environment by thinking twice when buying or using a product. One way of doing this is by purchasing products made...

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