Bento Boxes

Inspired by Japanese bento boxes and traditional lunch boxes

Bento Boxes

Traditional Japanese bento boxes are the perfect choice for serving your Japanese inspired meals. Our crimson red and black series emulates bento from Japan with the traditional lacquer finish. Regularly used in Japanese or Korean restaurants, hotels and at home for special occasions or for those who want to eat in the traditional Japanese way.

Our three to six compartment collection is available in many shapes and sizes allowing you to portion control your meals. Made from an easy to clean food-grade resin, bamboo or sustainably sourced natural wood. A Japanese lunch box is a great way to encourage eating a healthy and balanced diet.

Shokado Lunchbox Inspiration

The inspiration for the Shokado comes from the Shōkadō authentic Japanese bento boxes. They were named after the famous Shinto-Shingon Buddhist priest during the Edo period (1584 – 1639). Shōkadō would carry his calligraphy and tobacco tools in an elaborately lacquered tray. Included were four equally divided compartments that he eventually used to transport his lunch.

Four hundred years later, a restaurant owner Yuki Teiichi saw the the lunch box while having tea at the Shokado Tea House in Kyoto. He fell in love with it because of its elegant design. As a result, Yuki had a similar version created. Painted black with a lacquered finish, he called it the “Shokado”. It was used to serve lunches in which gave them an elegant appearance. Together, it limited flavours from mixing with other dishes making for a tasty meal still sold today. The influence behind the Shokado’s design can be seen at the “Shokado Art Museum” in Kyoto. Read more about the history behind the Shokado.

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