Bento Boxes

Japanese inspired bento boxes and bento lunch sets

Traditional Bento boxes are the perfect choice for serving your Japanese inspired meals. Our crimson red and black collection emulates lunch boxes from Japan with the traditional lacquer-ware finish. Made from an easy to clean food-grade resin, they are available in three, four or five-part configuration. Regularly used in Japanese or Korean restaurants, hotels and at home for special occasions or for those who want to eat in the traditional Japanese way.


Bento Lunch Preparation

Our bento range is available in many sizes and they allow you to portion control your meal and use it for picnics, lunches, at home or for entertainment. A great way to encourage eating a healthy and balanced diet. A sensible meal should include some of the following.

  • To begin with, they should be high in taste: meals should include foods that are tasty foods to eat.
  • High in nutrition: the meal should be healthy and include almost all nutritional food groups.
  • Heavy in protein, veggies, fruits, and less on carbs forms an ideal food mix. However it’s okay to add a few tasty sweets.
  • High on visual appeal: the arrangement should be visually appealing.
  • We eat first with our eyes, with this in mind the ingredients used should look tempting and tasty.
  • Ease of preparation: keeping a weekly preparation planner will significantly help.

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