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Matcha Tea

At Katachiware, we’re passionate about all things matcha. From traditional Japanese tea ceremonies to modern matcha lattes, we believe in the power of this delicious and nutritious beverage. In our Matcha Tea blog category, you’ll find information about the history of matcha, how to prepare it, and the benefits of drinking it. We’ll also share our favorite matcha recipes and product recommendations, so you can enjoy this beloved beverage at home.

Mastering the Art of Japanese Tea Ceremony

Mastering the Art of Japanese Tea Ceremony: A Complete Guide to Its Enchanting Utensils

The Japanese tea ceremony, or chanoyu (way of tea), is a traditional Japanese ritual that involves the preparation and serving of tea. The ceremony is steeped in history and culture, and is known for its use of special utensils that have been developed over centuries to ensure the perfect cup of tea. In this article, we provide a co...

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