Large Kimono Bento Box & Fan Design

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The Large Makunouchi Bento Box with traditional Fan Design is a convenient and fun way to pack your next meal. The three-piece set includes one black lid and base with a five compartment insert that is made from a durable two-tone master-batch.

  • Dimensions: 300 mm x 240 mm x 60 mm
  • Included: One Bento Box Base, Lid & 5 Compartment Inner Tray
  • Finish: Gloss Lid & Woodgrain Pattern Base
  • Design: Traditional Japanese Fan Design lid
  • BPA Free: Yes

The Large Makunouchi Bento Box is most commonly used in traditional Japanese restaurants and is the perfect way to add a truly authentic flavour to all your Japanese cooking.

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The Makunouchi Bento Box includes a fan design that traditionally symbolised prosperity. As a fan spreads out the action is very similar to a flower blooming, or the widening of wealth and the elaborate gold-coloured fans were believed to attract wealth. During the Heian period, golden fans were used by aristocrats and the samurai class as they were a way of displaying their social position. Laws were created to restrict their use to particular social classes and were typically made from Japanese Cypress and thread. The number of strips of wood on each fan was meant to reflect the rank and status of its owner.

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