Bento Boxes

Bento Boxes are a great way of eating a healthy balanced diet though a sensible bento meal should include some obvious practices while preparing. High on taste: It’s an obvious rule that a bento meal is prepared to meet your needs to contain tasty foods and delicious to eat. They should also be high in nutrition: the bento meal should be reasonably healthy and include almost all food nutritional components.

A bento that leans more towards protein, veggies, fruits and less on carbs constitutes ideal food content. It is, however okay to add a few sweet dishes to one of your bento compartments. High on visual appeal: The arrangement of the food items within the box should be visually appealing. It has been said that you eat first with your eyes, and hence, the food should look tempting and be tasty. Ease of preparation: Content of your bento meal should be easily prepared and packed. Keeping a weekly planner for your bento box lunches or dinners will greatly help in this context.