Lucky Gourd Masu Cup Japanese Cypress

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The auspicious Good Luck Bottle Gourd Tie motif is emblazoned on this Japanese Cypress Lucky Gourd Masu Cup. The masu cup is scented with cypress and is ideal for serving cold sake or as a gift for special occasions. Additionally, it is frequently utilised in contemporary Japanese culture for purposes like presenting delicacies and snacks.

  • Country Manufacture: Japan
  • Dimensions: 83mm x 83mm x 56mm
  • Capacity: Approximately 170 ml
  • Material: Japanese cypress (Unpainted)

Please keep in mind that the final colour of this Lucky Gourd Masu Cup and the branding are not consistent due to the fact that they are pressed manually with a hot iron.

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Japanese Cypress Lucky Gourd Masu Cup’s gourd shape is regarded lucky in Japan; in addition, the word for “three gourds” mimics that for “good luck,” while the same word is used for “six gourds,” resulting in them being considered emblems of luck. Prosperity is symbolised by the vine’s ability to grow fruit in plenty. As a sign that the family line would never be broken, it is considered auspicious to have many children.

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