Long Life Fuji Masu Cup Japanese Cypress

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The Long Life Fuji motif adorns this Long Life Fuji Masu Cup. The masu cup is scented with cooling cypress and is ideal for serving cold sake or as a gift for special occasions. Additionally, it is frequently utilised in current Japanese culture for purposes like presenting delicacies and snacks.

  • Country Manufacture: Japan
  • Dimensions: 83mm x 83mm x 56mm
  • Capacity: Approximately 170 ml
  • Material: Japanese cypress (Unpainted)

Please note that the final colour of this Long Life Fuji Masu Cup and the branding are not consistent due to the fact that they are pressed manually with a hot iron.

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There is more to the golden Mt. Fuji than just a powerful emblem of elegance and luxury; it’s also a lucky charm, which makes it a popular present. The Ogaki city located in Gifu Japan prefecture is one of the most recognised hubs for the production of products handcrafted from Japanese Cypress. You’ll be blown away by the golden hot press stamped Mt. Fuji background design and the wood’s insulating capabilities will keep your drink at the right temperature. If you’re a fan of sake, this is a must-have gift for your friends and family.

Katachiware tableware is known for its beauty and unique design, and proper maintenance and cleaning can help to ensure that the products that you purchase remain in good condition for a long time. In the following link we provide you with basic instructions on how to clean and maintain your Japanese style tableware. We will cover cleaning instructions for melamine products, ABS products with a painted finish, wooden products with a Urushi finish, ceramic items, and cast iron. Read more here: Product Care

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