Good Fortune Masu Cup Set (Japanese Cypress)

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The Good Fortune Masu Cup Set is hot-pressed with Japanese auspicious motifs. Made in Ogaki city in Gifu, Japan, Cypress is used which has an invigorating aroma. Ideal for serving chilled sake the following masu cups are included in this set.

The capacity is approximately 170ml, and measure 83mm in diameter and 56mm in height. Glass sake cups are commonly served in this masu or sake is can be straight into the cup, overflowing into the masu, as a sign of the host\'s respect.
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A good omen in Japan It is customary to use the Masu Cup Set in a ceremony’s toast in addition to the sakazuki. Rice and other grains, as well as liquids like soy sauce, have been measured in the masu for more than 1,300 years. The masu has a square shape and is built of hinoki, or Japanese cypress, as the name suggests.

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