Kutani Porcelain Chopstick Rest Daruma

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Elevate your dining aesthetics with our Kutani Porcelain Chopstick Rest Daruma – a harmonious blend of traditional Japanese craftsmanship and contemporary elegance. Due to being painted, colours may vary from the actual photo.

  • Material: Porcelain
  • Dimensions: 38 x 32 x 10 mm
  • Weight: 30 g
  • (Chopsticks Not Included)

Each rest boasts intricate hand-painted designs featuring vibrant colors and classic motifs. The glossy porcelain surface ensures easy maintenance while adding a touch of cultural refinement to your table.

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The Kutani Porcelain Chopstick Rest Daruma pays homage to the iconic Daruma doll, a symbol of perseverance and good luck in Japanese culture. Daruma dolls are often associated with goal-setting and achieving success. The chopstick rest features the distinctive round shape and facial features of the Daruma, reminding diners of the importance of resilience and determination. Incorporating this chopstick rest into your table setting not only adds a practical element but also infuses a dose of Japanese cultural symbolism, encouraging a positive mindset during meals.

Katachiware tableware is known for its beauty and unique design, and proper maintenance and cleaning can help to ensure that the products that you purchase remain in good condition for a long time. In the following link we provide you with basic instructions on how to clean and maintain your Japanese style tableware. We will cover cleaning instructions for melamine products, ABS products with a painted finish, wooden products with a Urushi finish, ceramic items, and cast iron. Read more here: Product Care

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Hand Wash Only


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Natural Wood


12 Months


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