Extra Large Bento Boxes

Extra Large Bento Boxes are large compared to the traditional medium or large bento boxes. The average length is 350 to 400mm and suited to serving large portions for adults. They are most commonly used in fusion restaurants that want to display an elegantly prepared meal in allowing ample open space in the tray.

  • Largest Bento Box Available

    Shokado Extra Large Bento Box

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    $46.20 inc. GST

    Shokado Extra Large Bento Box Set

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    $63.80 inc. GST
  • Commercial Grade Bento Tray

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    $23.80 inc. GST

Popularity of Extra Large Bento Boxes has reached peak heights and rightly so; they are one of the best modes for packing some of the most colourful, nutritious and portion controlled lunches.

The design and shape originated from Japan and hit the international scene in recent times. Traditionally used to pack Japanese lunches the bento box in today’s times provides an opportunity to stretch the creativity at home or in restaurants designing appetising meals.