Soba Udon Noodle Tray & Bamboo Mat

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Elevate your dining experience with our Soba Udon Noodle Tray & Bamboo Mat. This Noodle Tray offers a elegant way to enjoy soba or udon noodle dishes and includes raised edges that keep noodles secure while showcasing Japanese cuisine.

  • Dimensions: 230mm x 115mm x 48mm
  • Includes: Tray & Bamboo Matt
  • Materials: ABS & Bamboo
  • Temperature Tolerance: -25℃ to 70℃.

The bamboo mat prevents clumping and sticking, ensuring perfect noodle consistency. Also used as a stylish platter for sushi and other Japanese inspired dishes. Lightweight and easy to store, this set is practical and Eco-friendly.

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Whether a seasoned enthusiast or beginner, our Soba Udon Noodle Tray & Bamboo Mat is a must-have for creating authentic Japanese dishes. Its timeless elegance adds sophistication to your kitchen. Experience the benefits: sustainable materials, easy storage, separate noodles, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. Elevate your culinary journey with our Soba Udon Noodle Tray & Bamboo Mat for an exceptional Japanese dining experience. Immerse yourself in authentic flavors and harmonize your cuisine.

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