Japanese Soba Choko Cup

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This Japanese Soba Choko, is a versatile and culturally rich addition to your dining experience. Crafted to perfection, this traditional cup is specifically designed for serving broth alongside soba noodles for dipping.

  • Dimensions: 89mm x 89mm x 70mm
  • Colour: Red & Black
  • Country: Japan
  • Finish: Gloss Outer, Matt Inner

Once the dipping ritual is complete, the cup transforms as heated soba cooking water is poured into the remaining broth, creating a nourishing elixir to be enjoyed with family and friends.

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The term “choko” translates to “wild boar’s mouth” in Japanese, with its unique shape reminiscent of a wild boar’s mouth. Embracing centuries-old traditions, the Soba Choko is more than a vessel; it’s a piece of Japanese culinary history. This small cup, originally designed for post-soba noodle cooking liquids, now serves a multitude of purposes—perfect for miso, coffee, ice cream, hot water, or as a dipping sauce cup for cold soba noodles. Elevate your dining exp

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