Bamboo Placemats

Natural Bamboo Placemats

After dinner clean-up is so much easier with Bamboo Placemats. They add a traditional Japanese touch to your dining table experience. Made from natural Eco-friendly bamboo slats with a fabric backing and synthetic border for extra durability they are easily cleaned with a soft damp cloth. The benefits of Bamboo is that it is a sustainable material, non-toxic, odourless and has good thermal insulation properties making it the perfect choice for enjoying your meal safely and in style.

Eco-friendly, biodegradable, and effortlessly clean

Leave a lasting impression with these bamboo placemats. With their sleek, wood-grain pattern and smooth texture, your guests will feel like they’re eating off the table of a high-end restaurant. The natural finish and neutral tones make them versatile enough to complement any dining area. You’ll love the good karma you get from serving your guests food on these biodegradable placemats.

Bamboo placemats are a simple and practical way to add a pop of color to any table setting, they are both gorgeous and practical. They are Eco-friendly, biodegradable, and effortlessly clean and can be completely composted at the end of their life cycle. An excellent choice for the modern home as it’s 100% renewable resource that grows up to 3 feet in just 24 hours!

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