Kiiro Glaze Tokkuri Bottle & Ochoko Cup Set

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The Kiiro Glaze Tokkuri Bottle & Ochoko Cup Set is a traditional Japanese sake serving set typically used for enjoying sake, a popular Japanese rice wine. The set usually consists of a tokkuri (a flask or decanter) and ochoko cups (small drinking cups).

  • Includes: 1 Carafe & 4 Sake Cups
  • Carafe: 150mm × 60mm; 280ml
  • Cups: 48mm × 48mm: 50ml
  • Material: Ceramic

The tokkuri is designed to hold and serve sake, featuring a narrow neck and a round body. It may have a narrow spout for controlled pouring. Ochoko cups are small ceramic or porcelain cups used for drinking sake. They come in various shapes and sizes, often with beautiful designs or patterns.

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The Kiiro Glaze Tokkuri Bottle & Ochoko Cup Set has its own unique aesthetic and features. “Kiiro” in Japanese means “yellow,” so it’s possible that this set features a yellow color theme. Not only functional but also hold cultural significance in Japan, often used in formal or ceremonial settings as well as casual gatherings among friends and family. The set can also make for elegant and thoughtful gifts for those who appreciate Japanese culture or enjoy sake.

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