Mustard Matcha Tea Set

Mustard Matcha Tea Set

Mustard Matcha Tea Set

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$44.80 inc. GST

Take a step back in time and enjoy the centuries-old tradition of matcha with our Mustard Matcha Tea Set, complete with a bamboo whisk, scoop, spoon, and ceramic whisk rest. With each sip of your perfectly prepared matcha, you’ll be transported to the Edo period, where matcha was an integral part of daily life.

  • Whisk: 60mm x 110mm
  • Scoop: 10mm x 175mm
  • Spoon: 30mm x 160mm
  • Whisk Holder: 65mm x 75mm
  • Materials: Ceramic & Bamboo

During the Edo period, matcha was a beverage enjoyed by the aristocracy and samurai classes, who believed it provided mental clarity and focus. The preparation of matcha was a meticulous process, with each step imbued with meaning and ritual. With our bamboo tea set, you can recreate this experience in your own home.

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The bamboo whisk included in this Mustard Matcha Tea Set creates a frothy, velvety texture that brings out the best flavors of your matcha, while the scoop and spoon help you measure out the perfect amount of tea and water. And when you’re done, the ceramic whisk rest keeps your whisk clean and dry until your next matcha moment. Experience the rich history and tradition of matcha with our Organic Matcha Tea Set, and discover for yourself why this beloved beverage has stood the test of time.

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China, Japan


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