Nasu Ramen Noodle Bowl 8″

Nasu Ramen Noodle Bowl

Nasu Ramen Noodle Bowl 8″

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$12.80 inc. GST

The Nasu Ramen Noodle Bowl measuring 8 inches wide is perfect for serving steaming hot and delicious ramen noodle soup and other Japanese inspired meals. Crafted from durable and sturdy melamine it features a stunning Nasu (eggplant) pattern that adds a touch of elegance to your table setting.

  • Includes: 1 x Ramen Noodle Bowl
  • Width: 197mm
  • Height: 74mm
  • Material: Melamine
  • Pattern: Nasu (eggplant)

In Japan, the Nasu pattern is typically associated with New Year’s traditions and symbolizes good fortune, making this set a popular choice for special occasions. Whether you’re a ramen enthusiast or just appreciate the beauty of Japanese tableware, the Nasu Ramen Bowl and Soup Spoon set is a must-have addition to your collection.

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In Japan, eggplants depicted on this Nasu Ramen Noodle Bowl is associated with New Year’s traditions and mean good luck. Hatsuyume, or the first dream of the year, is a superstition that says the coming year can be seen in the first dream of the year. If a person has a dream full of good signs, the next year will be full of luck, good health, and money.

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Katachiware tableware is known for its beauty and unique design, and proper maintenance and cleaning can help to ensure that the products that you purchase remain in good condition for a long time. In the following link we provide you with basic instructions on how to clean and maintain your Japanese style tableware. We will cover cleaning instructions for melamine products, ABS products with a painted finish, wooden products with a Urushi finish, ceramic items, and cast iron. Read more here: Product Care

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