Checkered Bamboo Placemat Dark

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Bamboo is a durable plant that is not commonly used for household items, but it is perfect for making these beautiful placemats. The Checkered Bamboo Placemat Dark is made of bamboo and has a fabric border and backing.

  • Dimensions: 300mm x 450mm
  • 100% Natural, Non-Toxic
  • Durable & Easy To Clean
  • Included: 1 Checkered Bamboo Placemat Dark

The Checkered Bamboo colour adds a beautiful touch to your table, and the fabric border makes it easy to wipe off the plate after you are finished with your meal. This lovely, handmade placemat also protects your table from stains and spills.

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Our Bamboo Placemats are the perfect items for your lunch/dinner table. The way these place-mats look and feel will make you want to switch from paper to bamboo all the time. A placemat may seem like a small detail, but it can make a big difference when it comes to your table setting. If you want to add a touch of natural style and warmth to your space, consider using one of our beautifully made bamboo placemats. Please note that bamboo placemats, being crafted from a natural resource, may possess inherent imperfections due to the use of bamboo slats, which adds to their authentic character and uniqueness.

Katachiware tableware is known for its beauty and unique design, and proper maintenance and cleaning can help to ensure that the products that you purchase remain in good condition for a long time. In the following link we provide you with basic instructions on how to clean and maintain your Japanese style tableware. We will cover cleaning instructions for melamine products, ABS products with a painted finish, wooden products with a Urushi finish, ceramic items, and cast iron. Read more here: Product Care

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Hand Wash Only


Brown, Black





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Bamboo, Cotton Linen


12 Months



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Cloth Placemats


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