Chopsticks & Rests

Chopsticks & Rests

Classic in design, our Japanese style natural wood Chopsticks & Rests are available in Eco-friendly bamboo chopsticks, food-grade ABS with melamine coating, disposable Birchwood, long-lasting Bornean Iron Wood and Camphor Wood. Highly durable, non-toxic, heat resistant and dishwasher safe, they will last a lifetime when looked after. Traditionally used in Japan, chopsticks are tapered, making them easier to pick up small food pieces.

Chopstick History, Han to Ming Dynasty

Chopsticks as an eating tool began during the Han dynasty (206 BC to 220 AD), where the increase in staple foods included millet and rice. Spoons were used with chopsticks utensils, but it wasn’t until the Ming dynasty that they began to serve and eat food.

In Japan, chopsticks known as hashi (箸) are traditionally sharp and pointed, smaller in length for women and children and have circumferential grooves that help prevent food from slipping. Made from bamboo and wood, lacquered, they are also known as nuribashi. Available in many varieties, which depends on where they were made and what types of lacquers were used.

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