Wood Bento Boxes, Go Green with Your Next Meal

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Wood Bento Boxes, Go Green with Your Next Meal

Wood bento boxes, go green with your Japanese inspired meal.

We are all hearing about our contribution to the dramatic rise in global warming, and the Go Green Initiative is being pushed forward in urgent earnest by most developed countries. It’s our duty to use sustainable materials for items that we use daily, and one of those is the Japanese inspired traditional wood bento box. Made from Chamfer wood bento and Bamboo, both are sustainably sourced materials and rapidly growing materials that contribute to a higher percentage of oxygen release in comparison to other trees. Being bio-degradable, they leave minimal impact on the environment and are anti-bacterial by nature which is an added advantage.

Wood Bento Boxes

Against this background, it makes sense to opt for this type of reusable sustainable packaging. If everyone wants to lessen their environmental footprint switch to wood-made products that can be used for many years and safely recycled, they no longer suit their purpose. Children in many schools are encouraged by school authorities to do away with plastic packaging and utensils, which only go towards increasing the piles on landfills around the country.

Chamfer and Bamboo Bento boxes are the perfect alternative for packing your lunch for school or workplace. They are available in various shapes and sizes to suit most needs and are especially great for packing rice dishes, pasta, sandwiches, salads, and whole-grain items. Wrapping food in dried leaves of the bento boxes enables it to remain fresh and tasty. You also get a few colour options like a light and dark brown depending on the type of wood you choose to use for your bento box.

All wood bento boxes come with a solid lid and base. Most have a wooden insert; some use a food-grade plastic or ABS with a melamine coating. Besides being vegan friendly, the box scores on three counts.

What About Maintenance?

Maintenance of Wood Bento Boxes is no big deal either. Stuck rice grains or other food particles can be scraped off after washing with a soft camp cloth. Stains can be cleaned by adding a mild detergent to the cloth but always using a scratch-free product.

In humid weather areas, it is good if you keep Wood Bento Boxes dry and stacked away as the humidity can affect the quality of the wood used. In regions of dry and hot climates, the boxes should be stored away from sunlight as this can also make the timber buckle.

Wood Bento Boxes, Eco-friendly and beneficial to the environment

Everyone uses plastic packaging for their meals to start thinking about substituting those harmful, non-biodegradable products in favour of something eco-friendly and beneficial to the environment. Best of all you can enjoy nutritious meals on the go and do your wee bit towards the environment by scrapping the use of plastic containers and bags and opting for Chamfer and Bamboo Bento Boxes.

For more information see Wood Bento Boxes product information.

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