Large Nori Maki Tray / Noodle Tray

Large Nori Maki Tray / Noodle Tray

Large Nori Maki Tray / Noodle Tray

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$20.85 inc. GST

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This Large Nori Maki Tray / Noodle Tray is ideal for temporarily holding sushi before it is wrapped and placed on the display counter during production. also perfect for serving udon noodles.

  • Size: 197mm x 190mm x 54mm
  • Colour: Blac, Red Trim, Green Inner Tray
  • Made In: Korea
  • Use: Serving Nori Maki or Noodles

The Large Nori Maki Tray / Noodle Tray is made from a durable ABS resin with lacquered finish with a green plastic removable tray. Hand wash is recommended, not to be used in a dishwasher or oven.

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Large Nori Maki Tray / Noodle Tray

Nori-maki is a convenient and quick-to-eat sushi roll. Rice and ingredients, such as fish or vegetables, are snugly wrapped in a sheet of roasted nori seaweed. Nori-maki is divided into two types: hoso-maki, which are thin rolls with a single filling, and futo-maki, which are fatter rolls with multiple fillings. Nori-maki is a type of sushi that is served in sushi restaurants as well as produced and enjoyed at home.

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ABS / Melamine Lacquered Tableware

Get the most out of our ABS & Melamine Lacquered tableware collections by taking a few extra steps to look after them for years to come.

  • Soak ABS / Melamine Lacquered tableware for 15 minutes in warm soapy water.
  • Wipe clean with a soft damp cloth and towel try.
  • Dishwashers can be used at a low temperature using a mild detergent on a short cycle.
  • Do not use harsh scrubbers as they will scratch the surface.

Not to be used in ovens, microwaves or commercial dishwashers.

Wooden / Bamboo Tableware

Like all wooden tableware products they can deteriorate if not looked after. Wood is a bio-gradable product that will soak up moisture which ages the product.

  • Remove excess foods with a damp cloth that has been rinsed in warm soapy water.
  • Towel try and stack in a dry ventilated area.
  • Do immerse in water or allow pools of water accumulate in wooden products.
  • Stubborn stains, mix a small amount of salt or baking soda into the damp cloth and gently clean the surface.

Not to be used in ovens, microwaves or commercial dishwashers.

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