Stone White Matcha Tea Set

Stone White Matcha Tea Set

Stone White Matcha Tea Set

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Whether you’re a first-time matcha drinker or a seasoned pro, the Stone White Matcha Bowl is made in Japan and is ideal for anyone who wants to experience the authentic Japanese tea ceremony.

  • (CHAWAN) Matcha Bowl: 116mm x 81mm, 450ml
  • (CHASEN) Bamboo Whisk: 70 x 75mm
  • (KUSE NAOSHI) Chasen Holder: 51 x 71mm
  • (CHASAKU) Bamboo Scoop

This traditional Matcha Tea Set combines all of the components needed for a tea ceremony or simply enjoying your Japanese green tea at home into one convenient set.

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Traditional Japanese Stone White Matcha Tea Set

The lovely classic matcha bowl is wide and deep, allowing the matcha to be thoroughly mixed. It is made of Jujube wood, which is sourced from sustainable resources. The traditional bamboo whisk is handcrafted from environmentally friendly bamboo. The whisk aerates and mixes the matcha, resulting in a frothy and creamy tea. The bamboo scoop precisely measures out the appropriate amount of matcha powder for your brew.

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Wooden / Bamboo Tableware

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Not to be used in ovens, microwaves or commercial dishwashers.

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