Traditional Japanese Bento Box- For a Waste Free Lunch

2018-05-18 15:33:48 Writen By: Mahesh Gupta

if you want to contribute towards the environment you can start by choosing a Bento box as the lunch box for your child. And bask in the satisfaction obtained by you and your child for the variety of food items that can be packed well and clean in the Bento box

People in today’s times are more aware of various issues facing the world and one of the most important among them is the issue of food wastage. With there being so many millions of people going hungry in various parts of the world, it is absolutely a crime to let food go waste day on day. One positive way to make a contribution towards this cause is by packing a waste-free lunch for your children.

Packing a Waste Free Lunch- Absolute Necessity in Today’s Times

The first reason for packing a waste free lunch is as stated above and the second equally important one is reduction of carbon footprint on earth. Most of the parents find packing lunches in disposable plastic containers an easy affair but they do not realize that the residue goes towards increasing the landfill pile. This eventually aggravates the problem of global warming which can prove catastrophic for our kids’ future.

How to Pack a Waste Free Lunch

The best way to do this is to select a lunch box that can compartmentalize the food items. Different kids like different food styles for their lunch but none of them like if one food-item mixes with the other or the items get soggy. A lunch box that can enable the mother to pack variety of food items and yet keep each of them distinct from one another is the best option. In this context, the traditional Japanese Bento boxes fit the bill perfectly. They are fitted with compartments or they come with dividers which give the flexibility of marking compartments. When food remains clean and distinct the kids eat every morsel of it without leaving anything behind in their lunch box. A mention has to be made of Katachiware, an online shop that stocks a wide array of Bento boxes.  They are a mother’s delight as they have something or the other to fit the requirements of each and every client.

It is always better to avoid plastic bags or plastic boxes as research studies have indicated the harmful effects that can be caused to the food items stored within them. There are many other eco-friendly options available to plastic; as Bento boxes so, why not opt for them? As for the lunch bag you can opt for a reusable bag which can be washed clean after every meal and will remain good for the entire year of school of your child. With regards to fork and spoons required by your child select ones that are reusable instead of the disposal ones as that will reduce the burden on the landfills.

While buying prepackaged food items go for bulk packing as that becomes a cheaper alternative and is also less wasteful when compared to purchases of smaller volumes of packaged foods. You can store the items from large packaging well so that they can be easily used over and again.

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