Bento Box Products

Learn about Katachiware’s latest news on Japanese tableware products and accessories including bento boxes and traditional tableware from Japan including where they originated from. Topics including the obento lunch box, history about Japanese bento in Australia, biodegradable bamboo bento, how to go green with your next bento meal and the bento revolution.

Bamboo Bento Box

Biodegradable Bento Box, Use Bamboo

Biodegradable Bento Box, Use Bamboo | We are all well aware of the increasing impacts of global warming, and the go green initiative is being pushed forward. Many of us are looking at how we can reduce our impact on the environment by thinking twice when buying or using a product. One way of doing this is by purchasing products made...

Bamboo Bento Box

Bamboo Bento Boxes, Sustainable Choice

Bamboo Bento Boxes | Most of us today are environment-conscious and doing our best to cut down the use of plastic products, leading to alternative products to be introduced into the market, including tableware and bento boxes. We dispose of over 300 million tons of plastic every year, which continues to grow at an alarming rate, wit...

Which Bento Box Should I Use?

Bento boxes help you to pack a healthy, colourful and tasty lunch and make lunchtimes at the workplace or school exciting and something to be waited for.  It is essential to ensure that you have a box that best suits your requirements. Finding a perfect fit of the box will largely depend on what you intend to pack for your lunch. Bento Bo...