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Learn about Katachiware’s latest news on Japanese tableware products and accessories including bento boxes and traditional tableware from Japan including where they originated from. Topics including the obento lunch box, history about Japanese bento in Australia, biodegradable bamboo bento, how to go green with your next bento meal and the bento revolution.

Obento Lunch Box (obento-bako)

Obento Lunch Box

In Japan, there is a specific term for obento (お弁当).” If you ask a Japanese person what obento means you may get several answers. Obento (o-ben·to) has many variations. In this article, we discuss Yochien Obento Lunch Box "Kindergarten Bento" with a cultural order and meaning; it is a particular type of Japanese lunch box...

Bento Boxes Australia

Bento Boxes Australia

The first Japanese bento boxes Australia record were in June 1910 in an article by the Perth The Daily News were a young man recollects his experience of bento while taking a train ride in Japan. Bento boxes can be categorised into three types that we use today. Homemade bento which we make for the...