Bento Box Ingredients

Bento boxes are more than just a lunch box that you take to school or work, they have their own category of food that you can eat at any time of day. The traditional Japanese bento lunch box has evolved over the centuries and today you can enjoy countless varieties of bento at home. Information includes noriben bento, what goes in a bento box and the five fundamental ingredient rules.

Noriben Bento

Noriben Bento Made From Seaweed

Noriben Bento is a traditional bento meal made from seaweed, the name comes from nori (Japanese name for edible seaweed) and bento put together. Bento which is an inherent part of Japanese culture has caught up with the rest of the world and become a convenient and healthy option for serving dinner at home, lunches...

What Goes in a Bento Box

What Goes in a Bento Box, Five Fundamental Rules

Bento boxes have become extremely popular for young and old. The container which serves as a useful medium for carrying healthy lunches while on the go or used at home for a traditionally cooked Japanese meal can be divided into two types; the everyday sensible bento and the decorative or traditional bento. Five Fundamental Rules The...

Popular Bento Box Ingredients

Bento Box Ingredients, Most Popular

Bento Box Ingredients, Japanese lunch boxes or bento boxes have been quite popular since the 1980s. The microwave oven introduction caused a massive hike in bento box use, and since then, the traditional style bento box has come back. Popular Bento Box Ingredients, Generally Seasonal, Locally Harvested Foods The first bento boxes were thought to have...