Bento for Beginners: 60 Recipes for Easy Bento Box Lunches

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Bento for Beginners: 60 Recipes for Easy Bento Box Lunches

Book Title: Bento for Beginners
By: Chika Ravitch
Number Of Pages: 164
Published: February 2020
Rating: 4.7 / 5.0

CHIKA RAVITCH grew up close to Osaka, Japan, and subsequent to moving to the United States, made–your home for hand crafted Japanese food–to share her tips on making conventional, sound Japanese food utilizing natural fixings.

Dismiss any fresh ideas the novice’s manual for delectable bento boxes. Simple, scrumptious, and solid are three incredible parts of any great feast. Join them all together–in a simple to-go box–and you have the magnificence of bento. In Bento for Beginners, you’ll figure out how this Japanese culinary workmanship can help you fabricate 60 tantalizing, even snacks that can be taken pretty much anyplace.

Notwithstanding plans, the book is loaded up with huge loads of tips and deceives on smoothing out planning time, how to improve the capacity life of your fixings (without utilizing additives), the correct holders to utilize, and what food sources make the best (and simplest) combination dishes. There’s such a great amount to enjoy in these to-go fortune boxes.

Book Review

“This book teaches you basic Japanese bento (lunch box) recipes using ingredients you can easily find in the supermarket. Each recipe is simple (but delicious) and teaches you how to season the food to make each ingredient stand out. The colorful vegetables have a great look and provide nutritional balance. When I was a child, I loved the moment when I opened my lunch box. I always felt my mother’s affection in every beautiful and delicious detail.”–Hitomi Takeuchi, food protection manager California, founder of Coloridoh LLC ( “I own many Japanese cookbooks–including some from my favorite Japanese chefs–but I find them to be a little intimidating. I also own a collection of bento boxes that, until I read this book, I never used!

What I enjoy most about Chika Ravitch’s book are the simple instructions that don’t compromise the taste and sophistication of the dishes. She makes cooking Japanese food very accessible for beginners and experienced chefs alike.” –Andy Burstein, nutritionist “Always looking for ways to eat healthier without expending too much time in the kitchen. Bento for Beginners was the perfect book for helping achieve this goal. In addition to the great recipes it was very helpful to learn how to improve storage life and tricks to making larger quantities (saving time in the long run).”

–Barbara W.

Bento for Beginners includes

Best of both worlds– Enjoy exemplary hand crafted Japanese food sources just as staples from Western cooking.

Off-the-shelf– Make bento meals you’ll be eager to eat utilising simple to-discover ingredients accessible at your local supermarket.

Save money–Put an end to spending $5 to $10 a day on lunch–the average cost of a filling homemade Japanese bento is about $1.85. In the world of bento books, this one can take you to tasty new heights.

Book Details

By: Chika Ravitch
ISBN: 9781646111350
ISBN-10: 1646111354
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 164
Published: 4th February 2020
Dimensions (cm): 23.5 x 19.05 x 1.14
Weight (kg): 0.39

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