Wooden & Bamboo

Wooden & Bamboo Bento Boxes

Wooden & Bamboo Bento Boxes are the perfect sustainable alternative for serving your next Japanese inspired meals at home or in restaurants. Available in three sizes to suit all appetites they are especially great for packing rice dishes, sushi, chicken teriyaki and many other Japanese or fusion-inspired meals in. Being biodegradable the Wooden Bento Boxes have been exclusively made for Katachiware from sustainably sourced materials, and there is no better way to experience a traditional bento box meal.

The Wooden Bento Box is made from milled offcuts from Camphor Wood that was due to be disposed of due to their size being too small to use for other purposes. Each piece was cut from larger sections then spliced down into smaller pieces and finally sanded ready for construction. The lacquer used is a milky sap collected from trees “urushi” in Japanese which is then heated, filtered and applied in several thin layers and allowed to cure in a humid, dust-free container. Then polished and a final layer applied. Due to the cost, three layers have been applied. Bento boxes dating back to the Edo period (1603 and 1868) would have had up to one hundred layers applied to get its durable glossy finish.

Camphor Wooden Bento Box and Bamboo are biodegradable and rated as durable timbers with resistance to insect attack; they are environmentally friendly; they don’t absorb odours and are easy to clean. Both have natural thermal insulation properties and the lacquers and glues used are odourless, tasteless and non-toxic.