Traditional Bento Boxes

Japanese style Bento boxes were traditionally made from wood but now mostly made from ABS plastic with a melamine coating and are available in a variation of sizes and shapes including the medium sized bento box which is the most commonly one used, the large bento box is also popular but larger then normal to suit larger means. Also available is the hexagon bento box which can be stacked into two levels allowing you to separate each meal. Bento boxes are a great way to control portion sizes and can be very elaborate when preparing for the family.

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Bento Box Black & Red Traditional

Three piece, black melamine bento box with with red outer trim and one red insert with five compartments. Size: 270mm x 210mm x 55mm Learn More

Traditional Bamboo Japanese Lunch Box

Three piece, solid bamboo Lunch Box with one red and black lacquered melamine insert with five compartments. Size: 327mm x 270mm Learn More

Bento Box Large

Black two piece rectangular Bento Box with five compartments. Lid incudes red trim. Size: 313mm x 257mm Learn More

Bento Box Rectangular

The rectangular bento box with 3 compartments includes base and lid, with three compartments, two large and one small. The lid and base measures 345mm x 145mm x 55mm Learn More

Bento Box Single Compartment

Red and timber grain two piece rectangular Bento Box with one compartment. Made from ABS and Melamine. Size: 188mm x 141mm Learn More

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