Bento Boxes

Japanese style bento boxes were traditionally used by field workers and hunters to pack their lunch more than 900 years ago and have now become a popular trend in the culinary filed and with families at home. Bento boxes were traditionally made from wood which are still available but now mostly made from ABS plastic with a melamine coating. They generally come with several sized compartments providing a space to prepare and serve several meals in the one tray and depending on the size of bento box used, you can control meal portion sizes for each meal.

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Bento Box Large

Black two piece rectangular Bento Box with five compartments. Lid incudes red trim. Size: 313mm x 257mm Learn More

Bento Box Single Compartment

Red and timber grain two piece rectangular Bento Box with one compartment. Made from ABS and Melamine. Size: 188mm x 141mm Learn More

Traditional Bamboo Japanese Lunch Box

Three piece, solid bamboo Lunch Box with one red and black lacquered melamine insert with five compartments. Size: 327mm x 270mm Learn More

Bento Box Black & Red Traditional

Three piece, black melamine bento box with with red outer trim and one red insert with five compartments. Size: 270mm x 210mm x 55mm Learn More

Bento Box Rectangular

The rectangular bento box with 3 compartments includes base and lid, with three compartments, two large and one small. The lid and base measures 345mm x 145mm x 55mm Learn More

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