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Bento Box Magic

Bento Box Magic | The sense of fun associated with bento boxes has made them highly popular worldwide. Besides the fun element, the functionality purpose is also served effectively by them. Bento boxes or Obentos as they are called in Japan are very appealing to kids and adults alike.

Bento Box Magic
Bento Box Magic

Serves all purposes

All kids who are picky eaters should shift to the bento boxes to carry lunch that is cute and attractive. Star-shaped veggies, bunny-shaped boiled eggs, widely smiling cherry tomatoes, baby carrots cut nicely are just some of the contents that can make any kid’s bento box lunch a much-awaited affair. For teenagers, they are an effective mode of portion control. Creative preparations of food items can enhance the recipe appeal for dieters and act as a pleasant distraction. For yet others, bento boxes are a way of indulging their love for anything Japanese.

Prepared with love and care

A traditional Japanese bento box’s food content includes rice, fish or meat dish, and pickled vegetables. Mothers in Japan fill bento lunch boxes with great love and care to ensure that their family members have an appetising and healthy lunch, and each one works towards outshining the obento of others.  Bento making is obtaining a cult status in all parts of the world with many online stores reporting a large increase in the sales of bento boxes and their accessories such as rice shapers, egg moulds, animal-shaped plastic skewers etc.

Enhances your saving accumulation

Many non-Japanese people have taken fast to the bento box and ensured that they ingest healthy and colourful food all the time. Grouping rice, veggies and protein together and adding colour through cherry tomatoes, snap peas, and carrots make the bento box appetising and save money spent otherwise on restaurant food. Buying out lunch every day while at work amounts to great sums and if instead you neatly pack your dinner leftovers into your bento boxes it will help accumulate your savings.

Scope for Creativity

The bento box offers wide scope for exposing your creativity and artistic inclinations. It is this element that distinguishes a Japanese lunch box from an ordinary plastic container holding your lunch. Visual appeal is as important as taste; food, therefore, has to be presented attractively. A lot of emphasis on food presentation is placed in Japanese culture and cuisine compared to other cuisines. Looks matter anyway and why not apply the same principle to food as long as you keep the healthy quotient in mind. It is not essential to set aside loads of time in preparing a fancy bento box. With some practice, thinking creatively can come easily to you, and you can get ready a reasonably elaborate bento in a matter of a few minutes. Of course, you need to plan well for it!

Easily Available

Earlier getting the Japanese bento accessories used to be a problem but not now. With the facility of choosing from a multitude of online stores, you can easily buy anything you wish from the cool comforts of your home.

So go for a bento and inculcate a habit of eating healthy and colourful!

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