Bamboo Bento Boxes, Japanese Traditional

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Bamboo Bento Boxes, Japanese Traditional

Bamboo bento boxes the standard of traditional style bento boxes to the next level. The concept which originated in Japan late in the Kamakura Period (1185-1333) is now ensconced in all parts of the world. Nevertheless, it does lead to wondering how much time needs to be allotted in the busy mornings for packing the elaborate bento lunch box.  

Not much if you have the entire process streamlined earlier. Following pointers will tell you how to pack an awesome lunch into your bento.

Bamboo Bento Boxes
Bamboo Bento Boxes

A little organisation the earlier night goes a long way

You can keep things required for your bamboo bento box packing ready the earlier night. Small things like ensuring pots and pans are kept handy; the bento box and containers are in their rightful place in the cabinet and help a lot. In short, you can ensure that you do not need to dig and hunt for the required things from a pile of unwanted stuff the next day.

A little bit of pre-planning

Your pre-planning need not be too elaborate. You can do it while you shop for the groceries and also the night earlier. This includes jotting down on a weekly planner the list of food items that will feature into the bento box the next day. When you know in advance what needs to be packed the next day make things easy as you can start cooking or preparing the packing right away.

A little bit of preparation

Some foods can be cooked the earlier night if time permits. Certain salads can be kept ready in the refrigerator the previous night and pushed into the bento box the next day as they are, and so is the case with fruits which too can go right into the bento box. If you are going to pack cooked food into the bento, then follow all the necessary food safety tips to ensure that the food remains healthy and tasty till lunchtime.

A lot of quick washing

Washing up the pots and pans as your bento will help reduce the stack of utensils in the sink. Use of non-stick cookware makes the washing a less bothersome chore and a lot quicker. Availability of hot water to remove the oily mess lessens the washing chore. If you have it coming from the kitchen tap then well and good or otherwise at such times the electric kettle on your countertop also proves handy. Use of a few drops of dishwashing liquid ensures that the cleaning process is thorough.

The bento box which comes home empty at the end of the day also needs to be washed off. Using a bento box made of stainless steel makes its washing easier than plastic boxes.

On a concluding note

Bamboo Bento boxes are preferred by people all over as it enables a variety of foodstuff to be packed for lunchtime. Sometimes it can be quite overwhelming packing the varied food items; however, following the above pointers will ensure that you are organized and well prepared to pack an awesome and tasty lunch into your bento box.

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